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2014  Ashes of a man

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An immediately catchy debut album from Ayesha, which ventures beyond country but should please fans of the genre

It's hard to know where to start with A THOUSAND SHORES as it's not easy to categorise. The album owes a lot to several musical genres, such as country, blues and soul, and fans of all styles are likely to find plenty to like about the collection. Ayesha demonstrates a lyrical maturity throughout and twins this with catchy melodies and smooth yet passionate vocals.

There are several tracks from this album that really stand out. The title track A THOUSAND SHORES for instance, is a terrific chilled out song that wouldn't be out of place on mainstream radio or pop music charts. Then there's  SEVENTH WIND, a heavier guitar-driven song with a powerful chorus that will have you singing along provided you've got sufficient vocal range.

Overall this is a very stong allum, and other listeners may prefer different offerings from it. FAITH is well-executed and soulful, NO. 7 is both sassy and jazzy and will appeal to any jilted romantics out there, whilst for those of a more contemplative disposition, DASHBOARD JESUS and ASHES OF A MAN will go down a treat. On the other side of the spectrum BUENAS NOCHES FROM PARADISE will gently float you away to Latin America if you shut your eyes and open up your imagination.

There isn't a a weak song on A THOUSAND SHORES, which would be the ideal soundtrack for a cruise down the sun-scorched highways of the American south. Although most of us will have to settle for the dreary skies and congested roads of Britain, you could do a hell of a lot worse than listening to this. From what I've read it seems like A THOUSAND SHORES was a long time in the making, but it was definately worth the wait.


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