The second album has been a real adventure & undertaking for Ayesha. Not only to write & record the albums 10 songs, but also to venture gently into the world of film.

The second album will feature seveal music videos that will also be short films in their own right, inspired by the songs that they belong to. All films have been written, produced & directed by Ayesha and feature original scores as well as belonging to music video edits of the songs featured on the second album.


The first of these short films is JOSEPHINE. Inspired by the song FUEL off the forthcomding album, JOSEPHINE is a lush period drama, set against the backdrop of Ayesha's native Wales.


The film was a budget enterprise to say the least, and was filmed in just two days, on one camera. A small team and several talented actors brought this dramtic story to life with very little time to spare. It's a testament to how much you can do with very little, if everyone works together towards a creative vision.


Downton Abbey meets Grimm's fairytales, JOSEPHINE is a story of love, lust, jealousy, gossip, heartache & madness...with a ghost story thrown in for good measure. Finding her husband's infidelity an impossible pill to swallow, the lady of the house JOSEPHINE starts to lose her patience with social propriety, and her mind along with it. As she becomes harder to handle, the Lord takes matters into his own hands- but how far will he go to keep the Lady in her place? Finding creepy comfort in the haunted heart of the house, is JOSEPHINE crazy?... or is history repeating itself?



The music video edit will accompany the release of the new album. But in the meanwhile here's the first film!


Watch the full edit of JOSEPHINE below:

Josephine Laurels 3

New Album Coming Soon...


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